Accommodation Matters S02E04: Preparing for September (Part 1)

06 Jul 2021
By Jennifer Steadman, Higher Education Communications Executive at Unite Students
Last week, Unite Students shared all the insights from our recent applicant survey, as well as our expert Higher Education round table on the needs of incoming students. There was plenty more we wanted to discuss following this discussion - so we invited back a few of our round table participants to our June episode of Accommodation Matters in order to share their thoughts and build on some of the points already raised.

June’s episode is the first of a two-parter on preparing for September, with this instalment focusing on the incoming student cohort, to share our learnings with the sector.

Among other threads, our expert guests covered these students’ concerns about September’s academic and social opportunities, the prevalence of imposter syndrome in students who haven’t had the opportunity to show their mettle in exams, their expectations of support from universities and accommodation providers, and parents’ involvement in their children’s university plans.

Accommodation Matters host Darren Ellis, Higher Education Engagement Director at Unite Students, is joined on the episode by:

•           Adrian Clark, Student Health and Wellbeing Manager at University of London

•           Wayne Templeman, Director of Sixth Form at St Bonaventure’s

•           Sunday Blake, President at Exeter Students’ Guild

•           Simon Jones, Business Development Director at Unite Students

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Jen Steadman (she/her) is a Higher Education Communications Executive at Unite Students. Prior to this, she was the inaugural Editor of GSL News, covering the student experience for the higher education sector.