Student resilience: Exploring the positive case for resilience

30 Oct 2019
By Jenny Shaw, Student Experience Director at Unite Students
This report takes a close-up look at the subject of student resilience, drawing on published research and a survey of 6500 UK students.

The study of student resilience is still in its infancy in the UK, yet there is recognition that student mental wellbeing is a growing challenge and this report is intended to spark wider debate and fresh perspectives on this issue.

This is an invitation to talk about resilience, to test its effectiveness, to embed it in our institutions, and ultimately make a shift from reactive to proactive approaches to student wellbeing.

Student Resilience: Exploring the positive case for resilience

Download and read the Student Resilience study here.

Publication date: May 2017

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Jenny Shaw is Student Experience Director for Unite Students. She has previously worked for three UK universities and as a consultant to national HE sector organisations prior to her time at Unite Students.