Darren Ellis

Darren Ellis

Darren is responsible for the group strategy for higher education and relationship management of our university partners. Darren joined
    Moray Notman

    Moray Notman

    Moray is University Engagement Director for Unite Students and is responsible for the delivery of its relationships strategy. Responsibilities


      Advance HE Governor Training Programme
      4 March 2020
      Jenny Shaw will be presenting to budding Univerisity Governor's on student experience, using findings from our Insight series and research shared at UUKs 2019 conference.
      ASRA 2020
      5-8 April 2020
      We will be presenting the findings of our 2019 student insight report " The New Realists" and exhibiting as part of the main conference... be sure to pop over and say hello!
      WonkHE - The Secret Life of Students
      19 Mar 2020
      Jenny Shaw will be presenting our qualitative findings on research into students and safety...